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HI! Thank you for your interest. Below I’ve outlined more information about the spaces for rent here at Stargate… 


FRONT COTTAGE (comparable to the back guest house pictured below)- The cottage is a freestanding building at the front the of the property. Near the entrance. It’s one large (approx 600sf) room with high wood-beamed ceilings. The space is light and bright, with windows on all sides and has concrete floors. There is an AC, and a space heater is used in the winter (as needed). The kitchen has a standard stove, cupboards, fridge, etc... simple.. everything one would need to cook.

Note: the chicken coop is close by, so you will hear the roosters in the morning (as do I, but it doesn’t bother me in the least) - as is the goats' house - so you’ll occasionally hear the friendly goats making their little goat sounds (never at night or am, mostly mid day)


Because the cottage is currently occupied, I’m unable to share photos. If you read all the information below and think it’s a fit, we can schedule a time to see it in-person. 



AIRSTREAM (pictures below)- A simple small, 1950's  18 ft Airstream. Inside, there are two couches that convert into beds that are each slightly larger than a twin. One is currently pulled out with a foam mattress added to the cushions.

It sits parked under oak trees in the back of the property, so also it’s very quiet. When you rent this camper, you’ll have access to the back guest house for a full kitchen and bathroom. The back house is sometimes used for meetings or to shoot podcasts, so there will be times it's unavailable. While the sink does work in the Airstream, pumping grey-water is not for me - but I can instruct you if this is important to you. 





Stargate is a private, enclosed property on Thacher Rd in Ojai’s ‘East End’ area. It has a truly 'magical feel' as I have personally corrected many of the gridlines. Also a mini-ranch: we have 2 goats, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 11 chickens, 2 roosters and countless beautiful flowers and trees. I like to call it a ‘sanctuary for superheroes’. The neighborhood is very peaceful and quiet. This works well for someone who also appreciates a tranquil environment, making it easy to focus and be creative. 




QUIET, solid, responsible, kind, animal-loving tenants. Ideally you love animals so much that you pay them attention and share your affections with them. There is a lot to do on a small ranch, and even one chore you offer to take on would be greatly appreciated. 


The land is structured under a PMA (a private ‘club’ of sorts) and so all tenants become a member. Doing so is a simple one page read-through and signature - it states that you take full responsibility for yourself while on the land. For this reason, it is not a place one would be inviting friends over to. So if you’re a social person who likes to entertain at home, this may not be the right fit. 





Rent is paid every two weeks in full, on the 1st and 15th. There are times it’ll need to be paid in cash, otherwise a direct deposit is good. A security deposit of half the month’s rent is required, plus an additional $100 up front for the cleaning fee once you leave.


If you need to leave for any reason, we ask for 2 weeks notice to be given - otherwise you forfeit your security deposit. This works both ways - if we need the space back, you’ll be given 2 weeks notice as well. 


Here - both in Ojai and Stargate specifically - we are conscious and respectful of resources (water, gas, power) which have drastically increased in cost, seemingly overnight.


UTILITIES: are included. However, if you’re running the heater all day or are using a lot of water, we ask that you pay the difference on the bill. This is not to scare you off, only to say that if the increase is significant, we ask that you assume the responsibility.


LAUNDRY: is available in the back of the property


PARKING: there is plenty of parking available on Thacher Rd. 


WIFI: is on from 8am-11pm and automatically shuts off at night. 



If you're interested in renting the either of the available spaces, text Iza at (805) 864-3888 and we can set up a quick tour for you to see in-person