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You are a master on a mission, a highly evolved being from another time and space - here to deliver new codes for the expansion of consciousness  at the most pivotal moment in history - through the lens of your unique genius.


Before this life you outlined a blueprint - the architecture of your life plan - complete with a personality design, hopes, dreams & your ultimate potential for this lifetime. 


You were also born pre-loaded with intuition - your internal navigation technology - designed to re-align you to your blueprint any time & from anywhere within the field.


HBOA is a series of instructions to re-member who you really are, why you are actually here & most importantly: how to re-gain mastery of your internal tools & technologies to become the very greatest version of yourself humanly possible.  

Untitled_Artwork 28_edited.png
Untitled_Artwork 28_edited.png


MISGUIDED UPON ENTRY From birth, you are trained to look outside of yourself for answers - to search everywhere but the one (and only) place your Truth is found... WITHIN

NOTHING STANDS BETWEEN YOU & TRUTH No priest, teacher, parent or guru can know your Truth. Only YOU know what is correct and benefical for you! No more middle-men - soon you will re-member how to access your direct connection to The All.

DO YOU TRUST THE VOICE WITHIN? You contain many voices within: the inner child, saboteur, the inner liar, voice of Truth, to name only a few.. Are you currently able to distinguish your internal voices? Is the internal voice of Truth a reliable Source? What is its track record? There is a simple way to hear the voice of Truth, and be guided to your unique path of lumination...

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