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You are a luminary having a human experience. A master on a mission. A highly evolved being from another time and space.  You chose to be here now - to play the game of life - at the most challenging level and pivotal moment. Only you forgot…


The game is to re-member who you truly are, where you really come from and why you’re actually here. You do this under the veil of amnesia, at the level of duality, inside the school of adaptation, under the spell of a delusional culture. All the while you must feed yourself, find shelter, make money, pay taxes and navigate your emotions. If you’re alive - you’re winning the game. 


You are here to do and be something great - something that only you can do. As a luminary you are here to excavate and unleash your unique genius - to luminate the world with your brilliance for the expansion of all consciousness. It’s a good thing you have a plan…


Before this life you created a blueprint - the architecture of your life plan - complete with a personality design, hopes, dreams & your ultimate potential for this lifetime. You were also born pre-loaded with intuition - your internal navigation technology - which remains in constant connection to Source and is designed to re-align you to your blueprint any time & from anywhere within the Field.


You are not alone. There are many other ascenders like you - yet each holds a different piece of the puzzle in one hand, and a mirror in the other. At this level, no one ascends alone. Synarchy is how we work to ascend. We re-mind each other of forgotten truths. We walk each other home. 


This site is a living library of information, technique and items that are here to assist you on your journey. This is also a resource for high-level help and guidance when you need it. This is also a place for connection and the sharing of keys and codes. 

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